[typo] Everything on fire (DH jumps the gun on 1.0rc4)

Robby Russell robby.lists at planetargon.com
Tue Nov 8 23:55:20 EST 2005

Michael Purvis wrote:

>Hi folks,
>I asked a few days ago about upgrading to the latest, and there weren't 
>many responses. I gave it a shot and couldn't seem to get anywhere. Then 
>this afternoon, DH upgrades Rails on us out of the blue, so now I *have* 
>to get it working.
Talk to your hosting provider... or the person who upgraded your gems. 
Don't blame DHH. :-)

>I tried "svn up" in my typo testing directory, and I just got an error 
>indicating that it wasn't "a working copy." So I must've not installed 
>it from svn, I guess.
>Okay, take two was to try to checkout the most recent code and then copy 
>over my theme and config and try to "rake migrate" the lot of it. No 
>cigar there either... I'm seeing "rake aborted!  is not a class/module"
>What should be my next course of action?
See above. :-)

Add the older gems to your vendor?


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