[typo] Undefined method assert

Victor Jalencas victor-typo at carotena.net
Tue Nov 8 05:33:39 EST 2005

This was probably r720, because I updated this very night to r725 but 
didn't think about restarting the server afterwards (doh! Of course it 
worked locally! That will teach me to do updates in the wee hours)

After doing so it still fails though :(
BTW is there a method somewhere that will output the release tag? That'd 
be nice to display in the footer partial. I think it can be done using 
svn tags, but only when exporting the code, not checking it out (or is 
it the other way around?)


Scott Laird wrote:
> I think I fixed that in the trunk on Saturday night.  Which version  
> are you running?

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