[typo] THEME CONTEST !! - How many people are entering

jesse newland jnewland at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 01:58:56 EST 2005

>From typogarden

Jesse Newland said about 9 hours later:
Will themes be judged against SVN trunk or Typo 2.5?

I'm specfically interested in using a build newer than [578] to make
that pesky blue spinner match my color scheme. Would this be ok?

 topfunky said about 9 hours later:
No problem! Definitely use the newer build if you want to, which is
definitely an improvement vis a vis the blue spinner.

I linked to the changeset detailing support for themeing partials (and
was given the go ahead to use it) 9 hours after the initial theme
contest post. I'm theming both partials and plugins in my theme, which
I'm currently testing at http://jnewland.com.

These improvements don't break old-style default.rhtml only themes,
but do provide outrageously enhanced flexibility. It's getting better
everyday actually: with changes made to the trunk today, you can now
apply a class to each type of sidebar element, like:

.delicious ul li {

by cleverly hacking

Let's just all make the best themes we can, and get some attention for
Typo, a great piece of software. Deal?


On 11/8/05, Adam C. Greenfield <adam.greenfield at site5.com> wrote:
> On Nov 7, 2005, at 9:17 PM, Scott Laird wrote:
> >
> > On Nov 7, 2005, at 6:03 PM, Leevi Graham wrote:
> >
> >> are these fixes being added to the current trunk?
> >
> > Yes.  I think the theme contest is officially for 2.5.6, though.
> > Geoffrey, can you clarify?
> >
> I think he is still in Asia on business.
> I'm not sure when he'll get to this message, but it looks like based
> on his answer in the theme contest announcement comments (http://
> www.typogarden.com/articles/2005/10/10/typo-theme-contest#comments)
> he seemed to indicate that trunk would be acceptable (for anyone who
> didn't already know he posts as "topfunky")
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