[typo] THEME CONTEST !! - How many people are entering

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Mon Nov 7 21:41:42 EST 2005

On Nov 7, 2005, at 6:38 PM, Scott Laird wrote:
> I don't really care what the rules are for the theme contest, as  
> long as there *are* rules and everyone plays by the same ones :-).
> Right now, *none* of the theme view code is in 2.5.6, which is the  
> current stable release.  So you're safe on that front, at least  
> right now.
> Unfortunately, 2.5.6 doesn't entirely work right with Rails 0.14.x,  
> so I need to release 2.5.7 soon; it'd be best for me if it's out  
> before Wednesday night.  Now, since I'm doing a new release, I  
> *can* include the view code--it's really self-contained and easy to  
> drop into place.  It's won't break any existing themes, but it'll  
> add new abilities that give newer themes an advantage.  Which  
> probably isn't fair.  So I'm leaning against including the new view  
> code, unless there's an overwhelming show of support, ideally  
> including people who already have themes submitted.  So far, I've  
> heard one person who's against the new code.  Is anyone *for* it?

I finally sat down and checked the theme contest deadline, and it's  
only a few days away.  So it'd be stupid to change the theme code at  
this point.  So forget that I said anything.  I'll still try to get a  
2.5.7 with 0.14.x support out, but it won't change any theme code.


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