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Denis Lamotte dlamotte at bamboo.lu
Mon Nov 7 11:03:59 EST 2005

more info at http://www.railstat.com/

gem install rail_stat_generator

in your rail app you must run
script/generate rail_stat

then you have in README_RAILSTAT
== Installation

1. Create database
2. Create the database schema using db/railstat.mysql.sql
3. Download the IP-to-Country database from 
http://ip-to-country.webhosting.info/ :

    unzip ip-to-country.csv.zip

4. Copy ip-to-country.csv in db/ directory
5. Upload the data using ip-to-country.mysql.sql:

    mysql -u _user_ _dbname_ < ip-to-country.mysql.sql

6. Add your web site name at the end of config/environment.rb (assign it 
to a constant SITE_NAME)

    SITE_NAME = 'www.mydomain.com'

Notes: Steps 3 - 5 are optional. If you don't want to download 
ip-to-country database
        the system will work but the visitor country will not be tracked.

the following

Koen Van der Auwera wrote:
> The project is dead?
> Is it easy to integrate railstat? I'm just looking for a decent stats app.
> On 11/7/05, Denis Lamotte <dlamotte at bamboo.lu> wrote:
>>the source of weed are not any more available from 1 month at least.
>>I use railstat generator.
>>Koen Van der Auwera wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>Has anyone already tried to integrate Weed (http://weed.rbse.com/)
>>>with typo? If so, can you give me some pointers?
>>>It looks like it's not that widespread _yet_.
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