[typo] typo - error when running on apache

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Thu Nov 3 20:34:32 EST 2005

On Nov 3, 2005, at 5:29 PM, clint wrote:

> I have pinned down the error a little more and figured out a  
> workaround.  I just don't understand why.  I can update my blog  
> using the /admin site and save changes.  I click on your blog to  
> view and I see the error below: (snippet truncated)
>  ----------------
> #!/usr/bin/env ruby
> #
> # You may specify the path to the FastCGI crash log (a log of  
> unhandled
> # exceptions which
> ------------------
> I can reboot my server and the error continues to display when  
> trying to view the blog.  To correct the issue I have to start typo  
> using a webrick server.  After browsing the blog (successfully) on  
> the webrick server I can start it again and view successfully on  
> apache.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.
That's the cache in action, ignore it.  Or, better yet, run 'rake  

If you're getting #!/usr/bin/env ruby when you view your blog, then  
Apache isn't configured right, and it's not running .fcgi scripts.   
Do you have mod_fastcgi installed?

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