[typo] how stable is the latest rails+typo combo?

Rob Sanheim rsanheim at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 10:25:54 EST 2005

On 11/2/05, Doug Alcorn <doug at lathi.net> wrote:
> I just did this yesterday.  I'm running latest gem Rails (0.14.2) and
> trunk svn typo.  I don't have any compatibility problems with trunk
> typo.  I wouldn't bother with latest edge Rails at this point.  Just
> wait for release candidates and update from gem.
> I did have problems with latest gem Rails and stable typo (both 2.5.3
> and 2.5.6).  I think there are a couple of patches that need to go
> back from trunk typo to the stable branch.  However, all the patches
> needed are in trunk.  I think there will be more effort to keep trunk
> typo compatible with latest released Rails than in the stable tree.
> By the way, I didn't have any db migration issues coming from 2.5.3
> all the way to trunk typo.  Thanks Scott for your work on that!
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> Doug Alcorn - http://lathi.net/RubyOnRailsDeveloper
> doug at lathi.net

So it sounds like the best way to go is just latest RC of Rails and
latest typo from svn.  Then hopefully I'll be able to do gem updates
on rails and check out typo when I want newer versions of that.  It
sounds like the latest "stable" typo has problems with the newer Rails
release candidates still, is that correct?



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