[typo] how stable is the latest rails+typo combo?

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Wed Nov 2 09:30:33 EST 2005

On Nov 1, 2005, at 11:53 PM, Rob Sanheim wrote:

> I'm thinking of spending some time getting trunk rails + latest typo
> from svn working on a dev box and then "in production".  Are things
> generally stable enough that I could do this without too much pain, or
> should I wait it out a bit more as Rails 1.0 lands?

I just did this yesterday.  I'm running latest gem Rails (0.14.2) and  
trunk svn typo.  I don't have any compatibility problems with trunk  
typo.  I wouldn't bother with latest edge Rails at this point.  Just  
wait for release candidates and update from gem.

I did have problems with latest gem Rails and stable typo (both 2.5.3  
and 2.5.6).  I think there are a couple of patches that need to go  
back from trunk typo to the stable branch.  However, all the patches  
needed are in trunk.  I think there will be more effort to keep trunk  
typo compatible with latest released Rails than in the stable tree.

By the way, I didn't have any db migration issues coming from 2.5.3  
all the way to trunk typo.  Thanks Scott for your work on that!
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