[typo] Sidebar not working under Typo 2.5.6?

Julian Yap julian_yap at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 05:46:00 EST 2005

Liz, That sounds like you're going better than me.

When I drag an "Available Item" to the "Active Sidebar items"
side, it just sits there.  Is it meant to integrate or do
something?  I mean I've seen AJAX demos of drag and drop.

I could possibly try installing an old version of Typo where
drag and drop of sidebar configuration is not supported but I
don't see the point.  Also, I could 

Does my version of Rails matter?  How can I quickly check this
out?  I'm running this all on my web hosting provider...  OK,
maybe I should test this out on my own separate setup if I
really want to get to the bottom of it all...


--- Liz <e at latherrinserepeat.org> wrote:

> I am having a similar problem.
> I am on the trunk, on Ruby 1.8.2, Rails 0.14.2. If I add any
> sidebar  
> that involves RSS (del.icio.us, tadalist, etc), they do not
> show up  
> on my site. They show on the sidebar admin page, just not on
> the  
> site. Any Sidebar that just involves the database (tags,
> archives,  
> etc) show up fine. Installed a fresh version of the trunk, and
> it  
> still has not changed. I tried this in safari and firefox to
> no avail.
> Any ideas on where to look to fix this? I am clueless...should
> in the  
> database for anything funny? I really don't know.
> Thanks,
> Liz
> http://www.latherrinserepeat.org/

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