[typo] Planet Typo, anyone?

gpshewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 06:48:47 EST 2005

Oh I agree with both of you.

I'm just wondering at what rate Typo is growing?  I've had people  
contact me to get their Typo blogs up and running and some people are  
put off by Trac and finding solutions to their problems.  I wondered  
if there are going to be more and more people using Typo with "How do  
I do this?" or "What happened there?" problems that aren't directly  
related to development testing - is a Trac ticket the best solution?   
Forums also provide an easier way for these kinds of users to search  
for solutions to problems.

I still have the impression that the majority of the Typo user base  
are technical people.  But if there's an increase in popularity for  
the not-so-technical then what does that do to the number of open  
Trac tickets and the volume of emails?  Because everybody can do with  
more mail :)

Just thinking about it.

Adam, I have to say I like the third layout (2b)


On 31 Oct 2005, at 16:56, Justus Pendleton wrote:

> Victor Jalencas wrote:
>> And as for the forums, we're having a similar discussion in the  
>> ror-es
>> mailing list. I think a mailing list is best usability-wise, and  
>> while I
>> agree that there's room for a forum, I think this kind of dilutes the
>> community. Let's all be under one roof while the community is small.
> Anyone who has a pathological fear of mailing lists can use
> news.gmane.org or blog.gmane.org to read mailing lists in a more
> web-centric style.  All you have to do is submit the typo list info to
> the gmane admins.
> I agree about diluting the community.  The few times I've seen  
> projects
> attempt to have both a mailing list and a forum it has seemed that all
> the actual contributors ignore the forum.
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