[typo] handling amount of comments

Robby Russell robby at planetargon.com
Sat Jun 18 11:54:21 EDT 2005

Okay, so a week later.. here is some findings of having a Typo blog

First of all, some numbers:

> # SELECT count(id) FROM comments WHERE article_id = 53;
>  count
> -------
>   6766
> (1 row)

Imagine waiting for that to render and scrolling to the bottom to add
another comment. heh. It'd take long than what we have set for our
fastcgi timeout, so it'd show an error after a several hundred were

Curt emailed me to say that he hasn't been able to login to his admin
interface since the slashdotting. I believe that this might be due to
the high number of comments. I just deleted all the comments from that
entry and am awaiting him to confirm that he can now use the admin area.

What would be a good way of handling this sort of situation with Typo?
Should we add pagination to comments? What might cause the admin area to
just not work after he types in his user/pass. Could the counts be
bogging it down long enough to timeout fcgi?


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