[typo] High load

Robby Russell robby at planetargon.com
Sat Jun 11 13:44:57 EDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-06-11 at 09:59 -0700, Robby Russell wrote:
> Just a FYI.
> Curt was nice enough to get slashdotted this morning, probably making
> his blog the first one to have that done to.
> Well, it seems that when you hit 400+ comments on a single typo post, it
> starts to bog the server down quite a bit. :-)
> Might need to do some query optimizing once this blows over. 
> -Robby

It looks like first of all his blog was set in 'development' mode.
Switched that to production.. helped..a little.

What I've had to do is create an unpublished article and move comments
to it every so often.

curthibbs_typo=# SELECT count(id) FROM comments WHERE article_id = 53;

Typo doesn't run efficiently when we get more than a few hundred
comments X slashdot crowd. :-)


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