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Haazmatt haazmatt at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 13:42:36 EDT 2005

Not really an option. I'm deploying typo as an intranet blog at my office 
that any one here can contribute to. I want it to look nice and I'm not 
really that much of a wiz with css, but I can wade through it. I was just 
hoping that someone else had run into this and had a fix.


On 6/8/05, Dick Davies <rasputnik at hellooperator.net> wrote:
> * Haazmatt <haazmatt at gmail.com> [0637 16:37]:
> > I noticed that the admin layout is not displayed correctly on IE. The
> > sidebar appear on top of the main view area. Does any have a css fix for
> > this. I'm not a fan or user of IE, but a lot of people using my site 
> will
> > be.
> Don't give them admin ? :)
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