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Tobias Luetke tobias.luetke at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 09:56:52 EDT 2005

Hey Matt, 

This functionality is not in typo currently. I guess it can be added
but are you positive you need it?

I find that this rights restriction trend is so common nowadays on the
net that no one asks if it might just be too much. Once you allow
someone to post on your blog you are already placing a lot of trust in
him. I think there are better areas to spend time in then to try to
virtually jail the person you obviously already trust into his
confined and designated area...

On a less philosophical note, just add a field to the user record
which says admin int(1) 0/1 and put a before filter in all views which
the user can't access sending him elsewhere.

On 6/4/05, Haazmatt <haazmatt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi -
>  I want to use Typo as a shared blog where multiple people can contribute,
> but I am still the admin.  So I guess I want to add a new user type that can
> create articles, but can't really do any of the other admin functions. 
> Could someone help me with this?  I'm a bit new to rails.
>  thanks,
>  -Matt
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> haazmatt at gmail.com 
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