[typo] MySQL to SQLite: any pointers?

Henning Bertram henning at bertramonline.com
Thu Jun 2 04:28:44 EDT 2005

I have bebe running Typo for a while on my TextDrive account. It is a 
great app, but recently the TextDrive servers have had a number of MySQL 
problems. So, I thought: why now use SQLite instead? It is not as if I 
have so much traffic that performance will be an issue (if it is at all, 
under any circumstances...)

However, I would like to convert my existing db over (holding some 700 
articles). After all: I spent a lot of time moving all the data from TxP...

Since a SQLite db is cross-platform, I tried doing various conversions 
on my local Windoze machine, using some of the different freely 
available SQLite tools. The closest I got was moving the db from MySQL 
to Access (!!!), and then from Access to SQLite. Worked, sort of: the 
contents of the DATETIME fields did not make it, so no good, in the end.

However, looking at the converters that come with Typo (and that worked 
great, btw), I have a feeling that something along those lines might be 
the way to go.

My question is: has anybody done this? That is: moved an existing Typo 
db from MySQL to SQLite, using a ruby script? Loooking at the 
converters, it seems as if it would be trivial. On the other hand: I am 
not (yet?) really an ace Rubyist, so if such a script is already out 


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