[typo] Chaging pubDate format

Imobach González Sosa imobachgs at step.es
Sat Jul 30 08:41:55 EDT 2005

El Sábado 30 Julio 2005 03:37, Tobias Luetke escribió:
> Why did you change the format? Is typo's not correct?
> If you are in production mode you need to restart the dispatch.fcgi
> files for changes to take hold.

Erhm, fool of me... I forgot restart webrick. Sorry.

First of all, Typo seems to work fine. But I'm trying to syndicate a pair of 
Typo's blogs into a Drupal site. Drupal uses strtotime php function to parse 
the date, which claims to interpret GNU Date input formats[1]. According to 
Ruby, my timezone is WEST but it doesn't appears in [1]. So, PHP doesn't 
understand this string: "Sat, 30 Jul 2005 13:39:33 WEST". So, i'm just 
tweaking the dates format. Anyway, now that it worked, I'll try to find out 
how to solve the problem without messing with Typo code ;)

Thank you for your reply.

[1] http://www.gnu.org/software/tar/manual/html_chapter/tar_7.html

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