[typo] Redirects / and a themes question

gpshewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 14:18:44 EDT 2005

On 29 Jul 2005, at 16:09, Scott Laird wrote:
> You could also add a RedirectMatch line that redirects /200(.*) to / 
> articles/200$1

Ah that's the thing though, I couldn't figure out/get to work any  
kind of redirect.  I tried a tonne of different redirects and regex  
but nothing seemed to work, so in the end it was easier to look at  
how Typo was handling it.

Actually I've been looking at it again, and tried something that  
isn't as 'destructive'.  I duplicated the routing information that  
was there and ended up with this:

   # allow neat perma urls
   map.connect 'articles/:year/:month/:day', :controller  =>  
'articles', :action => 'find_by_date', :year => /\d{4}/, :day =>  
nil, :month => nil
   map.connect 'articles/:year/:month/:day/:title', :controller  =>  
'articles', :action => 'permalink', :year => /\d{4}/
   map.connect ':year/:month/:day', :controller  =>  
'articles', :action => 'find_by_date', :year => /\d{4}/, :day =>  
nil, :month => nil
   map.connect ':year/:month/:day/:title', :controller  =>  
'articles', :action => 'permalink', :year => /\d{4}/

That means that I keep Typos form of clean urls for future posts, and  
yet any requests that come from SE's for old posts are still handled  

Don't see any issues with it in testing and I like it better than the  
other solution.


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