[typo] Redirects / and a themes question

gpshewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 06:16:34 EDT 2005


I'm very new to Ruby.  After getting a local version of Typo running  
smoothly on OSX I'm just about ready to migrate my live site from  
Textpattern.  I do have a couple of questions though and this may be  
the quickest way to resolve it (and to provide a searchable solution  
for others with a similar problem).

1. Redirects using htaccess.

My textpattern site (and Wordpress previously) used the clean URL  
Typo would use the clean URL www.mysite.com/articles/2005/01/01/a-post

Who knows the best way to handle this redirect for old links coming  
from search engines?  I like the taxonomy that Typo uses but I don't  
want visitors from Google to get routing errors.

2. Theme question

I managed to mash the azure CSS so it closely matches my current  
CSS.  I also wanted to change the look of the 'Live Search' box in  
the top right corner.  Is there a way to do this within a theme  
rather than hack 'search.rhtml' and '_search.rhtml' in the core  
code?  I managed it with no issues, but updating Typo will cause  
issues for me then.



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