[typo] Typo caching (was Re: typo admin shows up on google.)

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Fri Jul 29 00:44:02 EDT 2005

Quoting Damien Pollet <damien.pollet at gmail.com>:
>> Actually, I'm starting to wonder why Apache doesn't do this caching instead
>> of needing to implement it manually on the Rails side.  Really, a webapp
>> should only have to put the right cache headers on the pages it returns
> And how do you invalidate cached pages ?

The way it's normally done, is that pages simply expire after a certain 
time. It means that occasionally, pages might have stale information, 
but in
practice, the period which they're stale for is very small.

Perhaps ironically, the headers I get back from any Typo site say "no-cache",
which instructs agents and caches never to cache any pages from it.  So sure,
we're avoiding a call to FastCGI, but we could be avoiding the call to Apache
itself in many cases if we had the right headers.

>> I suppose if the admin markup were served using AJAX calls which were
>> initiated only for admins, that would solve both issues.
> It's just nudging the 'problem', that ajax code has to be server to everyone.

Sure, it just becomes a bootstrap.  But if people didn't think that AJAX saved
bandwidth (as well as being cool), we wouldn't be sitting here talking about
Typo in the first place... everyone would still be using other engines. :-)


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