[typo] typo admin shows up on google.

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Thu Jul 28 11:02:58 EDT 2005

On Jul 28, 2005, at 7:54 AM, Shawn Liu wrote:

> Sorry, I should of checked the source code before writing the email.
> So here's the hidden HTML,
> <div class="post" onmouseover="if (getCookie('is_admin') == 'yes')  
> { Element.show('admin_article'); }" onmouseout="Element.hide 
> ('admin_article');" >
>   <a class="admintools" href="/admin/content/edit/80"  
> id="admin_article" style="display: none">edit</a>
> ----
> I think it'd be better if we can just check the session variable in  
> the Rails code and have the logic there, as opposed to changing the  
> style on client side.  Or is there a compelling reason for doing it  
> this way?

We used to do it on the server side, but we couldn't cache it then.   
As it is now, everyone sees the exact same HTML page, so we can cache  
it on-disk and have Apache serve it for us without Rails ever seeing  
the hit; that gives us a 100x speedup.


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