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Thu Jul 28 05:29:22 EDT 2005

Mensaje citado por Patrick Lenz <patrick at lenz.sh>:

> On 28.07.2005, at 09:25, Imobach González Sosa wrote:
> > I'm using Typo 2.0.6 with apache+webrick (via mod_proxy). So, I
> > have an issue
> > with RSS feeds: the URL of the entries in feeds is like
> > http://localhost:3000/... so, when a visitor tries to follow the
> > link, it
> > doesn't work.
> For one, you might want to use
>      ProxyPreserveHost on
> in your Apache mod_proxy config, this should at least get you the
> hostname. I'm not sure about the port though.

Yeah, it works pretty fine. Thanks.

> On the other hand, using webrick in a production environment isn't
> exactly a high performance setup anyways..

Yes, you're right. But I have installed Typo in a small server at home (shared
with a few friends) and, when I set up it using FastCGI, apache overtakes the
server consuming a lot of CPU and memory... and server is then near unusable.

So, we have few visits in our blogs, and webrick fits our needs. Anyway, I'll
try again with fastcgi when I get some spare time ;-)

Thank you for your help!



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