[typo] URL for feeds

Patrick Lenz patrick at lenz.sh
Thu Jul 28 03:37:22 EDT 2005

On 28.07.2005, at 09:25, Imobach González Sosa wrote:

> I'm using Typo 2.0.6 with apache+webrick (via mod_proxy). So, I  
> have an issue
> with RSS feeds: the URL of the entries in feeds is like
> http://localhost:3000/... so, when a visitor tries to follow the  
> link, it
> doesn't work.

For one, you might want to use

     ProxyPreserveHost on

in your Apache mod_proxy config, this should at least get you the  
hostname. I'm not sure about the port though.

On the other hand, using webrick in a production environment isn't  
exactly a high performance setup anyways..

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