[typo] Upgade errors

Robin Bowes robin-lists at robinbowes.com
Tue Jul 26 15:31:36 EDT 2005

Scott Laird wrote:
> You're seeing a couple different bugs here.  First, you have stale  page 
> cache entries that didn't get removed automatically by the  upgrade.  Do 
> 'rm -rf public/index.html public/articles' and then you  should be 
> okay.

I did this and restarted httpd - that fixed it.

> The migrations *should* have fixed this for you, but  clearly you 
> had problems with them.

I did indeed. I hope my write up will help you fix them.

 > I've seen a number of people  with similar
> issues on the IRC channel; I think we're going to have  to spend a bit 
> of time testing the upgrade process to make sure that  it's as 
> trouble-free as possible.

Indeed. I was impressed when I saw the upgrade process having read about 
it on the rails list. I was less than impressed when it failed! :)

 > One thing that we need to add is a
> requirement for the user to restart their fastcgi servers after  
> finishing the migrations; without doing that, the migration won't be  
> complete and random errors will occur.

That's a toughy. Won't it require some sort of system admin 
intervention? That requirement would limit the usefulness of typo in a 
shared hosting environment.

>  From where I'm sitting, this is the last really big thing between us  
> and 2.5.

2.5? What version am I running?



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