[typo] Upgade errors

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Tue Jul 26 13:57:01 EDT 2005

On Jul 26, 2005, at 9:58 AM, Robin Bowes wrote:

> Hi,
> I just did an svn update to r455 and am having problems migrating.
> Firstly, my site (http://typo.robinbowes.com) shows no stylesheet,  
> but I guess that is due to the recent changes and I should be able  
> to fix this through the admin interace.
> When I go to the admin interface, I have no option but to upgrade  
> my db schema (from 1 to 7). When I chose "Update database now" I  
> get the following error in my production.log:

> http://typo.robinbowes.com/articles/2005/07/26/upgrading-typo-from- 
> svn-bleeding-edge-stuff
> Incidentally, how do I get this to appear on the front page?

You're seeing a couple different bugs here.  First, you have stale  
page cache entries that didn't get removed automatically by the  
upgrade.  Do 'rm -rf public/index.html public/articles' and then you  
should be okay.  The migrations *should* have fixed this for you, but  
clearly you had problems with them.  I've seen a number of people  
with similar issues on the IRC channel; I think we're going to have  
to spend a bit of time testing the upgrade process to make sure that  
it's as trouble-free as possible.  One thing that we need to add is a  
requirement for the user to restart their fastcgi servers after  
finishing the migrations; without doing that, the migration won't be  
complete and random errors will occur.

 From where I'm sitting, this is the last really big thing between us  
and 2.5.


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