[typo] .htaccess or custom dispatcher

Rahul Dave rahuldave at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 12:08:54 EDT 2005

The .htaccess trick to match old files or rewrite works for regular
files only, as one might expect. I'm switching over to Typo from Radio
Userland and then Blogger, so I have a bunch of directories with old
archives I'd like to access which are below /. The trouble with adding
a -d rule to the RewriteRule's is that it matches / itself. Is there a
way to do this at the .htaccess level itself (I dont seem to be
permitted ScriptAlias's unfortunately) or is the way to go the writing
of a custom controller to match specific directories and spit out html
(or suitably redirect to a moved set of archival directories..)

Dr. Rahul Dave
Astronomy Group
University of Pennsylvania
rahuldave at gmail.com

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