[typo] I only get the admin interface

Patrick Lenz patrick at lenz.sh
Tue Jul 26 04:58:56 EDT 2005

On 26.07.2005, at 10:56, Urban Hafner wrote:

> I'm using the latest typo from svn. Since two days or so when I try to
> look at my blog, the only thing I get is the admin interface. I  
> think it
> was sometime after the commit of the sidebar things.
> When trying to find out what was wrong I realized that there is no
> app/views/layouts/articles.rhtml anymore. Is this right, or could this
> be the problem?

You need to save your general settings once and then pick 'activate'  
in the themes admin next to the only available theme 'azure' to make  
sure your blog has all the settings it needs. We're working on a more  
friendly solution here.

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