[typo] Themes in Typo - fundraiser

j3 j3 at allied.org
Mon Jul 25 14:56:46 EDT 2005

Whatever method the actual fundraising uses, I think this is an 
_excellent_ idea.  I would bet that in something like a 2-week campaign 
you could pull in much more than $400.  I would be surprised if some 
"big names" wouldn't chip into the pot.  It would be most appealing to 
authors, I think, if there were several prizes (a top 5, 10, or 
something).  Some prize ideas:

- Free O'Reilly/DaveT/DHH print copies of their rails book (no offense 
Robby! :))
- DaveT/DHH autographed copies of the book
- TextDrive 6 months free basic hosting
- Cash or cash-purchased items (above mentioned, 37signals, users, etc)

I bet all of the above are possible if there is a credible "head" of the 
project.  Also, I figure the entire contest should run about a month.  
However, since most of us are lazy, most of the submissions will come in 
during the last days.  If there were sufficient prize supplies, it would 
be cool to do "midway" awards.  Two weeks in, have small prizes awarded 
based on the entries so far.  Basically, just create an incentive to get 
something turned in early and allow for some beta testing.  Authors 
would obviously have to be able to update work for the final judgement 
(cue dramatic sound effect).


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