[typo] Empty span.typo_date generates XHTML warning

Tobias Luetke tobias.luetke at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 12:18:25 EDT 2005

I think this model would be especially nice because non js browsers
can still pick up the date.

Please look into that if you have some time. 

There is also a ticket on the trac[1].

[1]: http://typo.leetsoft.com/trac/ticket/173

On 7/20/05, Chris Boone <hypsometry at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm setting up a Typo blog for myself -- tweaking it locally first,
> now, before deploying to Textdrive soon -- and I noticed that the new
> (?) way to format the published dates, using domscript, uses an empty
> span element to store the date in a hidden fashion. Course, Tidy (as
> manifested in the Firefox HTML Validator plugin) doesn't like empty
> spans.
> I'm new to the list, but I looked through the archives quickly and
> didn't see any discussion of this.
> It's not a big deal (obviously... :), but since I do sell my services
> as a web designer with a focus on web standards, it's not optimal.
> Has anyone thought about another way to implement this functionality?
> (Cause it's pretty cool.)
> For instance, might it be worth including the old fashioned (static,
> that is) post date within the span, and having show_date_as_local_time
> hide it / replace it with the fancier (dynamic, that is) version?
> Thanks.
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