[typo] Keeping Typo's codebase separate from site-specific customisations

Jonas M Luster jluster at jluster.org
Wed Jul 13 02:39:52 EDT 2005

> FWIW, as a comparison, we use Drupal as a CMS that is available to our
> 4000 ISP/vhost clients off a single copy of the 1.8Mb Drupal codebase.
> I can't deploy rails/typo for real until I emulate this kind of setup.

As someone who codes on Drupal stuff and uses Typo for his weblog, I  
should point out the obvious differences between a weblogging system  
and a CMS with a working, albeit limited, weblog entry module  
included. Drupal used to be rather monolithic as well, pre  
'settings/' directory (4.6, respective CVS trunk releases), but had  
been written from the get-go with some multi-hosting in mind. All in  
all, I think it's unfair to both Typo and Drupal to attempt to  
compare the two :)


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