[typo] How to limit index.html to only one article?

Luke Tymowski ltymowski at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 06:07:55 EDT 2005

Hello Seth,

>    def index
>      @pages = Paginator.new self, Article.count, 10, @params['page']
>      @articles = Article.find(:all, :conditions => 'published !=
> 0',  :order => 'articles.created_at DESC', :limit => 10, :offset =>
> @pages.current.offset)
>    end
> Change both of the 10s to 1s and you should be done.

Thank you. That did the trick. 
Is there a way to get "previous|next" links? Rather than the older posts links?
> I'll add a ticket to get that abstracted out to a variable.

Is there a list of variables somewhere? Or are they in the code?
Is anyone working on a manual? Or is everyone involved with Typo so far coders?



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