[typo] multiple blogs in typo ?

Sean Mountcastle smountcastle at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 18:10:00 EST 2005

> The only issue I ran into was with ConfigManager ... the 
> ApplicationHelper.render_file method forces the ConfigManager to be 
> initialized (which causes it to reload settings) because it needs the theme 
> settings when configuring the search path.  I don't have a good solution 
> for this issue yet (I'd appreciate help from anyone on the list who knows 
> the ConfigManager well), but the workaround I did was to comment out 
> the call to reload in ConfigManager.initialize and modified 
> ConfigManager.reload to take an account parameter. 

I resolved my issue and now have settings/configuration info separated on 
a per blog basis. I had to modify every place where config was called so that 
the account id was passed in as well as the setting name.  In 
application_helper I modified config_value as follows and tried to use that 
where ever possible:

  def config_value(name)
    c = config(@controller.account)

The next issue I ran into was theme support, so that each blog was able to 
use its own theme.  I had to modify ThemeController, ThemesController and 
the theme model but it's still not quite working yet (from the HTTP GET 
requests it looks like it's looking for the themes in 
public/stylesheets/theme/).  I'll send mail once I get themes working 
for multiple blogs.


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