[typo] multiple blogs in typo ?

Sean Mountcastle smountcastle at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 17:24:21 EST 2005


> now i have latest typo from trunk, and it seems that a lot has changed
> that makes it uneasy for me to get multiple db support.
> i found file application.rb and tweaked it as in howto but there is no
> mentioned lines in environment.fb, moreover, when i grepped whole typo
> directory i could not even find any file that reads database.yml (which
> obviously should be read by domething).

Is there a reason you want to use a different database for each Typo weblog?

I've been working on supporting multiple blogs in a single Typo install by 
adding a new table (Accounts) and adding account_id columns to many of 
the existing tables (via a migration).  I followed the HowTo [1]  in the RoR 
Wiki and modified application.rb (which I assume is the same one you 

The only issue I ran into was with ConfigManager ... the 
ApplicationHelper.render_file method forces the ConfigManager to be 
initialized (which causes it to reload settings) because it needs the theme 
settings when configuring the search path.  I don't have a good solution 
for this issue yet (I'd appreciate help from anyone on the list who knows 
the ConfigManager well), but the workaround I did was to comment out 
the call to reload in ConfigManager.initialize and modified 
ConfigManager.reload to take an account parameter. Then in 
ApplicationController.reload_settings I pass the account into 
config.reload (this is the account variable that was set via the before_filter 
as per the HowTo).

Hope that helps,

[1] http://wiki.rubyonrails.com/rails/pages/HowToUseSubdomainsAsAccountKeys

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