[typo] adding acls

Barnabas Debreczeni keo at goa.hu
Tue Dec 27 13:57:43 EST 2005

hi there to everyone on the list :)

i just made my fresh install of typo 2.6.0 and finally it works. had
to do a complete ports upgrade, replace apache 1.3 with 2.0, etc. have
been doing it whole day but it was worth it ;)

i am writing because i would like to add basic acl functionality, with
3 basic roles (admin/writer/editor) and also i wouldn't like to expose
a few things to writers/editors in the admin. i am quite new to rails,
have been playing around with it the last week or so, and would like
to ask your help in setting me on the right path - where should i look
first? what should be an acl handling module be? a helper, a
component, or what? :)

thanks for the help!


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