[typo] Anyone planning to add these features? (Registration /tagging / emails)

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Thu Dec 22 15:56:46 EST 2005

On Dec 22, 2005, at 12:42 PM, Jens Alfke wrote:

> On 22 Dec '05, at 11:24 AM, phil wrote:
>> This is in CVS:
>> Notification
>> Typo can notify you when new articles or comments are posted
>> Email address to use in From: field when Typo sends mail:
>> Jabber account to use when sending Jabber notifications:
>> Password for Jabber account:
> Thanks … but is this setup part of the account? If so, it won't  
> meet my needs until self-registration of accounts is implemented.

That'll be there eventually.  Hopefully sooner, but my schedule has  
been nutty lately, and I haven't had *any* time to touch Typo.   
Things should be better after this weekend.

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