[typo] Anyone planning to add these features? (Registration / tagging / emails)

Jens Alfke jens at mooseyard.com
Thu Dec 22 14:11:31 EST 2005

After my misadventure with sqlite, I reconfigured Typo to use MySQL  
and now it works fine.

There are a few features missing that I really want, though; are  
these in the works?

* Ability for people to register their own accounts (optionally  
requiring admin approval)

* Adding arbitrary tags to a post, with tags listed in sidebar and  
searchable. (Also I believe there is a microformat for declaring a  
post's tags to search engines?)

* Email notification sent to commenters, of new comments. (Most BBSs  
support this. I'm aware that Typo has per-post RSS feeds, but IMHO  
email notifications work better because they don't require the user  
to configure anything.)

I was halfway through setting up a Drupal site for my blog when I ran  
across Typo, and though Typo is lovely looking and I prefer Ruby to  
PHP, I think I will continue with Drupal since it offers these features.

I am a programmer and I know some Ruby, but unfortunately I already  
have too many copious-spare-time projects to consider hacking these  
into Typo myself...


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