[typo] Typo Theme Contest Redux

thomas Aylott thomas.42 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 07:12:52 EST 2005

Woah there. I certainly hope that's not the case!

Personally, I was surprised by the results. I thought Lush was going  
to get 2nd or 3rd.
But, It would be pure insanity for anyone to complain about it at  
this point. The results are it. The winners have been chosen. The  
prizes have been given out.

It comes down to this: The good themes will be used. The crappy  
themes won't be used. If you didn't win a prize and you DO get a  
bunch of people using your theme, what better prize could you have  
asked for? If you don't get anyone using your theme, maybe your theme  
sucks, let it go! Complaining about the results of a contest 23 days  
after it ended is not going to win you a lot of friends.

The whole point of the contest was a HUGE success. We got like 150  
new themes for Typo. We got a huge amount of publicity. We smoothed  
some of the rough edges in the way Typo handles themes in a new  
stable release.

This has been totally awesome!

I think everyone would agree that… it would take a serious loser to  
want to dowse the flames of success with the fetid pond scum of  

Don't worry Goeff, most people actually do appreciate what you'd done  
to make this contest work. The judges are awesome. You have put a  
serious amount of work into the Rails community and now the Typo  

All the 1337 hax0rs out there, lets give Geoff and everyone who  
submitted a Theme, all the judges, and all the sponsors... a huge  
round of applause! <insert MP3 of applause here>

— Thomas Aylott

PS: Check out subtleGradient.com for the award-losing subtleTheme &  
subtleSpeed Typo 2.6 themes. ;)

On Dec 20, 2005, at 4:59 PM, Geoffrey Grosenbach wrote:

>  From my vast network of informants I've heard reports that some
> people are passing around a petition to complain about the results of
> the Typo Theme Contest.
> I hope this is not true, but if such a petition does exist, please
> inform the perpetrators that:
> * The contest was made possible by very generous sponsors, and
> bothering them with your post-contest woes is not a good way to thank
> them.
> * No one was guaranteed to receive any prize. You should have been
> motivated by a desire to improve Typo and to give back to the  
> community.
> I put at least 80-100 hours into the running of this contest and
> never expected to receive anything in return. Tobias, Scott, Piers,
> Patrick, and many others have put thousands of hours into the
> development of Typo and have not received either a PowerBook or a
> free pony for their efforts.
> I really hope this is the last I hear of this and that we can move on
> from the contest (which was a great success). However, please contact
> me directly with any complaints.
> Thank you,
> Geoffrey Grosenbach
> boss at topfunky.com
> IRC Nick: topfunky
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