[typo] TypoSphere.org (future home of the Typo project)

Robby Russell robby.lists at planetargon.com
Fri Dec 16 03:42:42 EST 2005



If you are interested in helping the Typo project take a huge leap into
2006, please let us know. We're currently in the process of moving the
Typo project hosting to PLANET ARGON (trac, wiki, downloads, etc...).

We're hoping to take some of the responsibility in terms of maintenance,
server configuration, etc off of Tobias, Scott, and those involved.

While we work on this move... we put up a teaser page so that we can
send out a big notification to people when we launch a new site.

In particular, if you're a designer and want to volunteer some time to
helping us design a new typo home page... please let us know. :-)



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