[typo] Need help migrating Superclass comments (and more: DB 20 to 35)

Justus Pendleton justus at ryoohki.net
Mon Dec 12 21:43:43 EST 2005

On 2005-12-12, Christopher Bailey <chris at codeintensity.com> wrote:
> I am wondering if my database is in a bad state due to this, and how I can
> fix it and get fully up to date.  The following is the log output when I try
> to update, and I'm hoping someone can suggest some potential fixes/actions
> to do to get the migrate to run through:

I had something similar happen to me when I tried updating to DB 35

> Errno::EIO (Input/output error):
>     /db/migrate//21_superclass_comments.rb:3:in `write'
>     /db/migrate//21_superclass_comments.rb:3:in `puts'
>     /db/migrate//21_superclass_comments.rb:3:in `up'

In my case I worked around it by removing all calls to STDERR.puts in
the migration scripts that didn't work.  I have no idea why STDERR.puts
is failing but they aren't necessary as long as you don't mind the lack
of messages during the update.


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