[typo] apache2/fastcgi/windowsXPsp2/typo and "FastCGI: incomplete headers (35 bytes) received from server" error

Luigi Rizzo luigi.rizzo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 10:25:05 EST 2005

hello! the subject of this mail is driving me nuts :(
i did a lot of googling and groups as well as lists.
i get the infamous "header imcomplete ..." when running lthe latest
typo release (2.6.0)
the strange is that if i access the "typo.example.com/" url the system
works perfectly (under fcgi) but as soon as i try to access the
"typo.example.com/admin" url i get the "Application error. Typo cannot
be reached" error.
is someone on the list running **successfully** typo under the same
stack of mine? (apache2/mysql4/windowsxp2/typo2.6.0)
any giudance will be very much appreciated!

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