[typo] broke admin/themes when removing theme directories

arvind s grover arvind at grovernetwork.com
Sat Dec 10 14:24:15 EST 2005

I was trying to add some more themes, somehow messed up the themes  
admin section. From the admin page, when I click on the "Themes" tab  
at the top, you get a page that says:
"Application error (Rails)" in large letters.

this is the error showing up in production.log:
ActionView::TemplateError (No such file or directory - ./../ 
config/..//themes/__MACOSX/about.markdown) on line #4 of app/views/ 

It seems to be have created a __MACOSX folder inside the themes  
folder. Is this because I am uploading using a Mac OSX ftp program to  
upload theme files?

If I copy the about.markdown file from /typo-2.6/themes/azure/ to / 
typo-2.6/themes/__MACOSX/ then you can access the themes page, but  
there is a non-functioning theme appearing, ,titled __MACOSX. I am  
not sure the correct way to resolve this.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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