[typo] Typo Forums Now Available! (Moderators wanted!)

Dusty Jewett dusty.jewett at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 02:19:54 EST 2005

> >
> > - The use of phpBB also doesn't sit well with me, it just doesn't seem
> > fitting for a modern open source project to use phpBB.
> I had difficulty choosing this piece of "bloatware" myself, but was
> unable to find another solution that was ready to provide some of the
> features I desired. Perhaps we can find a board that will have these
> features and not the drawbacks?

What are the drawbacks of SMF, which was set up on Jason's site?
aesthetically, I found SMF to be much easier to look at than any phpBB theme
I've seen, however I don't recall using a site with SMF, so I'm not sure
what it's like practically.
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