[typo] Typo Forums Now Available! (Moderators wanted!)

Freedom Dumlao freedom at freedomdumlao.com
Thu Dec 8 01:50:51 EST 2005

> - For it to cater just to end user support and third party developers,
> it was determined on list that the developers weren't interested in
> using forums and would stick to the mailing list so why have boards
> for it? Also Typo announcements belong on the main Typo website.

I agree. The primary focus should be these groups. Perhaps I need  
better wording in my forum. The announcements are more for forum  
announcements then they are for typo.

> - The use of phpBB also doesn't sit well with me, it just doesn't seem
> fitting for a modern open source project to use phpBB.

I had difficulty choosing this piece of "bloatware" myself, but was  
unable to find another solution that was ready to provide some of the  
features I desired. Perhaps we can find a board that will have these  
features and not the drawbacks?

> - Remove the Solutions! board and keep solved problems in their
> respective boards as if someone is having problems installing Typo
> then they are going to look in Installation Issues and not Solutions

You are right. This change will be made.

> - Give the community time to move in and for the dust to settle before
> throwing posting competitions (I actually think such competitions are
> tacky anyway). Like why do you need a competition to attract visitors
> anyway? It is a support forum, users will come to you. :)

Consider it postponed.

> - Better RSS support, at the moment there is no alternate
> application/rss+xml link in your headers so Safari & Firefox don't
> pick it up and the RSS is only for the most recent  posts across the
> whole forum with no option to subscribe to individual threads or
> boards.

I agree here as well, the RSS feature is fairly weak currently. I  
would like to see per forum, per thread feeds here.

> - Search Engine Friendly URL's, it can be debated whether they are
> effective or not but they have to exist for some reason and it is easy
> to support them.

This is something that I think another system might better manage  
than phpBB.

> - Better support for handheld devices, I do a lot of checking and
> replying to of posts on the go on my Treo and at the moment on
> Typoforums.com that experience is frustrating at best.

At present there is a theme installed that a user can select called  
phpBBlite. Once registered you may select this as a theme. It should  
be lightweight enough to use in handheld devices.

> - Some sort of guarantee that once the site becomes popular then
> hosting isn't going to be a concern, I would hate it for the forums to
> be offline due to a web host shutting the site down due to excessive
> resource usage.

Fortunately, I am the hosting provider for this server. I have been  
selling web hosting for 3 years now and have had very little  
downtime. Of course, I am only a reseller, but I have an excellent  
relationship with the primary provider, Site5. I also know that this  
company is a major supporter of Typo, and I doubt they would pull the  
plug on Typo's support forums. Just in case though, they have my  
credit card to automatically charge me if I begin to use more  
bandwidth than I need.

> These are all oddly enough things that we thought of when implementing
> typoforums.org but like I said I'm not interested in fighting in a my
> site is better than yours type fight and would rather just take a step
> back if need be. I came to Typo after being frustrated with the
> politics within the development & support of Wordpress so I want this
> to be a new & fresh experience.

Perhaps instead you and I could work together on this project? Its  
obvious that you care about it as much as I do, and I really do  
appreciate the suggestions you have already made.

I hope you did not get the wrong idea and think I wanted some kind  
of .org vs .com flame war. My motives are purely to provide access to  
support for those who are seeking it. The reason I did not withdraw  
my site plans when you announced yours, was that I have seen people  
in the past make these kinds of promises, only to fall short.

Ultimately, between the 2 of us we own all 3 of the primary TLDs for  
typoforums, and I think we should make a go of some kind of combined  


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