[typo] Typo Forums Now Available! (Moderators wanted!)

Jason Bainbridge jbainbridge at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 01:20:17 EST 2005

On 12/7/05, Freedom Dumlao <freedom at freedomdumlao.com> wrote:
> I honestly have no animosity towards Jason (although I have to admit
> being offended when he implied that I had set up a forum in response
> to his.) I think there is room for 2 forums at this point in time,
> and perhaps at some point the projects could merge.

Actually I didn't mean to imply that at all and I must have been in
error as I recall all typoforums TLD's being available when I
registered typoforums.org, if I had have had my glasses on and saw
that typoforums.com was registered already then that would have raised
a red flag. I have no interest in competing and was not trying to set
it up as a competition between two forums, in fact I was trying to
avoid such a situation by posting to the list before commencing and
was surprised to see the announcement of typoforums.com.

I disagree that there is room for two forums and if need be I will
just point the DNS in the direction of typoforums.com as I am just too
tired to fight over such petty things these days.

However if Typoforums.com was to be used then I would like to see
changes there such as:

- For it to cater just to end user support and third party developers,
it was determined on list that the developers weren't interested in
using forums and would stick to the mailing list so why have boards
for it? Also Typo announcements belong on the main Typo website.

- The use of phpBB also doesn't sit well with me, it just doesn't seem
fitting for a modern open source project to use phpBB.

- Remove the Solutions! board and keep solved problems in their
respective boards as if someone is having problems installing Typo
then they are going to look in Installation Issues and not Solutions

- Give the community time to move in and for the dust to settle before
throwing posting competitions (I actually think such competitions are
tacky anyway). Like why do you need a competition to attract visitors
anyway? It is a support forum, users will come to you. :)

- Better RSS support, at the moment there is no alternate
application/rss+xml link in your headers so Safari & Firefox don't
pick it up and the RSS is only for the most recent  posts across the
whole forum with no option to subscribe to individual threads or

- Search Engine Friendly URL's, it can be debated whether they are
effective or not but they have to exist for some reason and it is easy
to support them.

- Better support for handheld devices, I do a lot of checking and
replying to of posts on the go on my Treo and at the moment on
Typoforums.com that experience is frustrating at best.

- Some sort of guarantee that once the site becomes popular then
hosting isn't going to be a concern, I would hate it for the forums to
be offline due to a web host shutting the site down due to excessive
resource usage.

These are all oddly enough things that we thought of when implementing
typoforums.org but like I said I'm not interested in fighting in a my
site is better than yours type fight and would rather just take a step
back if need be. I came to Typo after being frustrated with the
politics within the development & support of Wordpress so I want this
to be a new & fresh experience.

Jason Bainbridge
An Aussie geek stuck in Texas - http://jasonbainbridge.com
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