[typo] Problem updating Typo 2.5.6 to 2.6.0

Christopher Gersbo-Møller gersbo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 05:38:46 EST 2005


I'm very new at both Ruby On Rails and Typo.
I have just tried to update from Typo 2.5.6 to 2.6.0, following the steps listed
here: http://typo.leetsoft.com/trac/wiki/TroubleShooting.
Rake aborts the migration process with the following error, when running 'rake
migrate RAILS_ENV="development"':

(in C:/cgm/dev/RUBY_P~1/TYPO-2~1.0)
rake aborted!
undefined method `emulate_booleans=' for

This error appears to be caused by the file 'config/environment.rb', of which
the last line reads:

= false rescue nil'

I am using PosgreSQL and not MySQL - could this be the cause of the error? I do
not really see why there should be a MySQL-specfic statement in

Any help or pointers appreciated

Best Regards


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