[typo] Typo Forums Now Available! (Moderators wanted!)

Freedom Dumlao freedom at freedomdumlao.com
Mon Dec 5 19:43:44 EST 2005

No offense was meant by setting up a forum and launching it ahead of  
Jason's forum. For the record typoforums.com was registered 3 full  
days before typoforums.org. (you may check the whois record for  
verification if needed.)

Upon starting the thread that you have been following my intention  
always was to start a forum designed to provide support for the Typo  
community, a fact that was stated multiple times in my previous  
posts. (which is also why I registered the typoforums.com domain on  
December 2nd, when I began the Typo Forums thread!)

As far as which forum solution we each have chosen, I feel they each  
have their merits. I have run multiple phpBB systems in the past and  
have had no security problems. (Thank goodness.) To each his own  

As far as using rforum, I had considered this, but was unable to  
consider it due to a lack of features. I would however like to  
migrate to rforum once it is a bit more mature. I also thought that  
since Typo was using Trac, a python based system, that it would not  
be looked down upon to use a php based forum solution.

In the near future I will be implementing a forum based mailing list  
archive, to make the mailing list easier to read and search.

I have already implemented an RSS feed to make tracking the forums  
easy without loading the forum itself.

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