[typo] Abstemious Cache Sweeping

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Mon Dec 5 15:13:21 EST 2005

On Dec 5, 2005, at 11:20 AM, Mike Purvis wrote:

> Justus Pendleton wrote:
>> Or you could use frames which aren't server specific and work on  
>> almost
>> every browser.  Moving the sidebar to a separate frame would probably
>> make it easier to implement separate cache policies for the  
>> sidebar vs.
>> the main content area.
> I'm much more comfortable with the idea of a server-include,  
> myself. If
> we don't want to run Rails for simple includes, couldn't typo just  
> even
> be changed to generate ".php" files instead of ".html"? Then they  
> could
> simply include code like '<? include "/cache/sidebar.html"; ?>' in  
> them.
> I hate to be a downer, but I frequently browse with JS-off, and I know
> at least two people who access my site from BlackBerrys. Making key
> navigational/content entities depend on a javascript call is not  
> exactly
> "progressive enhancement".

Typo isn't going to depend on PHP.  Frankly, I think the right fix  
for this whole mess is to make the non-cached case faster (which is a  
work in progress, but skaes has made a lot of suggestions) and then  
not worry about caching too much--we really *should* be fast enough  
for 98% of all users *without* the cache.  I have a pretty clear idea  
of how to fix the sidebar lifespan problem; it's not really all that  
hard, and the solutions solves several other problems at the same  
time, like post-dated articles.


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