[typo] Abstemious Cache Sweeping

Piers Cawley pdcawley at bofh.org.uk
Sun Dec 4 13:05:23 EST 2005

Scott Laird <scott at sigkill.org> writes:
> On Dec 4, 2005, at 9:09 AM, Piers Cawley wrote:
>> There's also issues with the tag cloud needing to be regenerated for
>> every new article with tags. I'm half tempted to have article creation
>> simply zap the entire cache and be done with it and just aim for
>> better cache manipulation when new comments and trackbacks arrive.
>> So, have I missed anything?
>> Also, this is based on the azure theme's behaviour, but I'm going
>> to try and avoid too much in the way of hard wiring. I'm also ignoring
>> the implications of changing various other things in the admin
>> interface, but the general way to deal with them is simply to zap the
>> whole cache.
> This looks pretty good, with a few additions:
> 1.  XML feeds -- they need swept, and I'm not sure how general we can  
> be with them--some need swept for every comment, while others don't  
> care about comments at all.
> 2.  Permalinks -- there is more then one permalink URL: /articles/ 
> read/100 vs /articles/2005/10/10/hey_its_article_100

I'm inclined to make /articles/read/100 be an uncached url. It's never
linked internally and, on my version of Typo at least, I treat it as
the 'unpublished' URL. If the article isn't published, then the 'read'
page will be displayed iff the viewer is logged in.

> I'm starting to think that sweeping everything on article creation  
> isn't such a bad thing, but it'd be nice to be more sane with article  
> edits and especially comment creation.

I think I can get something up and running quickly that does a full
sweep on category modification (iff the category sidebar's enabled)
and article creation, but which does sane things on other article mods
and comment creation. The development plan I have in mind should work
for feeds as well. That way we'll be more trigger happy than we could
be, but still rather better than we are now.

Piers Cawley <pdcawley at bofh.org.uk>

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