[typo] Typo Forums?

William A. Carrel william.a at carrel.org
Sun Dec 4 02:03:01 EST 2005

On Dec 3, 2005, at 3:43 AM, jonasb.16759522 at bloglines.com wrote:

> If there is going to be a forum, please make sure the mailing list  
> and the
> forum is synced. I like the way it works for the Rails mailing list  
> on http://www.ruby-forum.com.
> Perhaps Typo can get a forum there?

I second this.  It does no good to balkanize the user community by  
making an artificial separation between whatever method of passing  
group messages floats your personal boat, whether it be web-forums or  
wikis or mailing lists or NNTP or a snail-mailed newsletter.

There is no single "silver bullet" for effective communication with  
any single group of end users.  The various tools should be tied as  
strongly as possible so that people providing help can communicate it  
to all points in one action without having to repeat themselves.   
There are pluses and minuses to all the methods above, despite the  
inability of the advocates and detractors of each to admit it. ;-)

Down one of the other branches of the thread someone talked about  
Trac's perceived ugliness.  It can be prettied up quite a bit, the  
Colloquy trac install at http://project.colloquy.info/trac/ is a good  
example of what can be done to integrate it nicely into a static site  
of pages.

FWIW, I prefer (a) NNTP newsreaders (b) mailing list (c) gmane's web  
interface in that order.  Scrolling around, opening a tab for every  
thread, and waiting for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. pages to load in most  
web forums is more than I care to deal with.  That and most web  
forums are pretty much unusable surfing from my PDA.  My needs, of  
course, may not reflect those of the larger user community or you, so  
please lower your flamethrower.

If someone is really worked up about this they should put the energy  
into making it happen; if it takes off then it was meant to be, if  
not c'est la vie.

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