[typo] Typo Forums?

Clint Cagle ccagle at alumni.utexas.net
Sun Dec 4 00:28:02 EST 2005

IMHO we need a typo forum

Freedom Dumlao wrote:

>The mailing list may be *easy* to sign up for, but it is a pain in  
>the neck to find information on. If you want the answer to one  
>question, you must *subscribe* to the mailing list. You may decide to  
>do a google search for your answer, but I will tell you that every  
>question I have researched this way has returned results for several  
>different rails apps, and not just typo specifically. It's  
>frustrating. And when the question is one you are SURE has been asked  
>before, a person is not likely to feel that the question is welcome  
>on the mailing list.
>Another disadvantage to the mailing list is that I have to receive  
>EVERY thread, regardless of weather or not I give a crap about it.  
>Yes, all of my typo list stuff is filtered to its own box, but still,  
>watching one thread is not convenient.
>As far as the gmane thing, its nice to have them suck up the info,  
>but the fact is the info is re-displayed in a flat out ugly way. For  
>a piece of software that is so beautiful to use, it sure is ugly  
>trying to get support for it. There is just no elegance in a mailing  
>list/NNTP/gmane support system, backed up by Trac, which while a good  
>ticked and development tracking system, is certainly not the ideal  
>solution for a primary website for something like typo.
>I don't really know what Typo's plans are as far as what it wants to  
>become. With the recent theme promotion and contest, it really seemed  
>like typo was trying to reach out to the masses and say, look at me!  
>But many people will be discouraged by the current support system,  
>especially if they are used to the much more popular support system,  
>the forum.
>If Typo wants to become the popular blogging system it deserves to  
>be, it is going to need a more available format. NNTP is nice, but  
>still requires news software to access. I can't get to it from the  
>office at my day job, or from an international internet cafe.
>My point is this: a forum is plain EASY to use and everyone is  
>familiar with the concepts. Patching together multiple various  
>technologies and relying GOOGLE to be the lists search engine (which  
>of course wont index every day) is not strong enough to escalate Typo  
>to the usership of other popular systems. Unless the idea is to keep  
>out everyone except those who are already rails initiates, I cannot  
>think of a good reason not to use a forum.
>On Dec 3, 2005, at 5:57 PM, Justus Pendleton wrote:
>>Freedom Dumlao wrote:
>>>Why don't we have any typo forums?
>>Gmane has a mailing list gateway that presents the list via NNTP  
>>and two
>>different web interfaces.  You can see it here:
>>If the list admins for this group don't mind I'll send email to the
>>gmane people today or tomorrow and have them import the typo list
>>archives into gmane.
>>>I think a forum might be easier to access than the mailing list
>>I think that might be part of why there isn't a forum ;-)  Is figuring
>>out how to subscribe to a mailing list really that big of a hurdle for
>>someone who wants to run a commercially unsupported blog system that
>>depends on a web framework that hasn't had its official 1.0 release  
>>and is written in a language that a lot of hosting providers don't  
>>>would be much easier to search through and access for new users?
>>You can search the mailing list pretty easily with google right now.
>>Try "site:http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/typo-list/ truncate table
>>users", for instance.  Of course that could be made easier by adding a
>>simple form to the typo website.  If gmane imports the archives  
>>then you
>>can search them from there, as well.
>>Typo-list mailing list
>>Typo-list at rubyforge.org
>Typo-list mailing list
>Typo-list at rubyforge.org

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