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Brian Hutchison b.hutchison at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 14:02:47 EST 2005

I agree that the main issue with live search is the location of the results,
and that *is* up to the theme designer. Having the default theme work more
like origami is a good step.

My other usability problem with live search is that it inteferes with a
standard usage model of search: type in a phrase, e.g. "pragmatic rails" and
then click on an article, hit the back button, and look for the next
article... wait, where did the list go? You have to type your search phrase
over again. A way to "pin" the results in some way that persists would solve
the problem. Another solution would be to offer a "see these results on a
separate page" link at the top or bottom of the list, so tha the searcher
can perform their click into/back iterations off that page.

Let I sound like I'm against Live Search, I'm not. Just expressing my
thoughts here in this dialogue and hoping to make a good feature even


On 12/3/05, David Richardson <gilgit at gmail.com> wrote:
> Jonas - you're correct. The theme designer can place the 'searchresults'
> element anywhere they choose - I'd missed that. There isstill the problem,
> though, that if you want to put it in the maincontent element, the article
> list must be hidden.
> Without changing code, perhaps the results list could be displayed ontop
> of the article list and styled to have a height of 100%. I'll trythat to see
> if it works cross-browser.
> On 3 Dec 2005 11:50:20 -0000, jonasb.16759522 at bloglines.com<
> jonasb.16759522 at bloglines.com> wrote:> I don't think this is up to Typo,
> but rather up to each theme. In my own> theme> I have no sidebar and put the
> live search result below the header and above> main content. I prefer that
> location (but I have much more work to do on my> theme to make it more
> usable and nice-looking).>> /Jonas (jonas.b at home.se)>>
> http://andthennothing.net>> --- David Richardson wrote:> > Does anyone
> other> than me find the display of live search results inthe sidebar
> disconcerting> and semantically incorrect?> > While I'm searching for
> something, the results> of the query are myprimary focus. I want them to be
> visually dominant.> Currently,> theresults are squished into the sidebar.
> All the while, the sidebar> isdancing> a jig as the result list changes with
> each keystroke.Formatting of this> block> is hard enough in such a small
> space, withouthaving to deal with craptastic> browsers that don't su!
> pport max-widthand min-width and differing browser> treatment> of the
> margin andpadding properties.> > To further confuse matters, using> a form
> submit to send the query tothe server displays the results in the> main>
> content <div>.> > What's the rationale for the current layout?--> > D.R.>
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